Once Upon A Time..

There lived a beautiful Princess named Mandy. She lived in a town far away with her Prince, Josh of Royal Oak, and their beloved dog, Allie of SPCA.

Princess Mandy loves to run. She loves it so much that she would wake up before sunrise on weekends just to get some miles in before the heat of the day. She would feel accomplished for sticking to her goals.

The Princess also loves Disney! After all, she is allowing millions of families to walk through her castle day in and day out.

You can imagine the delight when Princess Mandy saw the dates of RunDisney’s Princess Half-Marathon Weekend. But then there was a great sadness when the Princess didn’t have enough gold coins to pay the admission and they were all sold out.

She was deeply sadden. Prince Josh nor her beloved Allie could console her. This was in her dreams to run and bring home the Fairy tale Challenge Medal along with the 10th Anniversary Princess Half-Marathon Medal. Also, its been speculated her friends, Aurora, Snow, and Cinderella may make an appearance. She just had to attend this grand affair.

Suddenly, her fairy god-mother Renee’ appeared out of no-where and let her know she had spots available for her and her Prince if she so wish to attend.

The Princess was overjoyed with this news that she would be running 19.3 miles of magic at the 2018 Princess Half-marathon Weekend to earn the Fairytale Challenge medals.

And they all trained Happily Ever After.



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