Running Shoes

Back at it!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the clarity to work on my blog and tonight I just wanted to sit down and write. I may ramble a little tonight, but I have a lot on my mind that I don’t want to get into on this blog post. Maybe later I will be comfortable enough to share with you all but for now, lets leave this as my review of my 5k and new shoes.

Ok.. So my latest review on running shoes is a much better review. I think I am finally happy (as I am going to be) with the New Balance 860’s that I purchased from Fit2Run. These shoes are super light weight and have a wide toe box and are excellent support if you over-pronate. Over-all a fantastic stability shoe. The picture of the shoe is below.


The only issue that I continue to run into is my right pinkie toe likes to cram itself into the side of my shoe. Literally, in every pair of shoe I have tried! So, looks like I will just have to settle for now and just doctor my sore bruised toe after my runs. 😦

Have any of you heard of this strange foot issue or is my foot just one of a kind and just extremely weird? That is what I am honestly suspecting. My husband always says I have duck feet, but it is what it is! I will rock on with my flat web feet!

Moving on..I did venture out yesterday to the 2nd year of the Starkey Ranch Distance Classic with some friends and my husband for the 5k. Since I am post concussive from nearly knocking my brains out of my ears a few weeks ago from hitting my head on my freezer door; my doctor gave me strict orders to take it very easy and walk as much of it as I could. Which I did. I mean lets face it. Here in Florida the “feels like” temperature is always in the high 90’s-100’s so it was just so very hot for me in my condition.

I was actually unsure if I should have even attempted this. It was my friend’s very 1st 5k so I wanted to participate as well, even if I was the turtle walking slow and steady behind everyone else. I finished, better than I actually thought I would, and my friend got 2nd place in her age group of 3. I am still super proud of her. She rocked it! #WatchBaileyRun

starkey 5k

Back to the shoes! The shoes were so light-weight and felt pretty great over-all, minus the whole duck web pinkie toe mentioned above. That was really bothering me but stopped hurting shortly after the shoes came off. Any other distance, I might of had a flashback to Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge where my toe was in so much pain and I thought it may fall off.

So, what do you think Social Media? Is there anything I can do to stop my little toe from cramming into the side of my shoe when I run? I am curious to hear what you all have to say.

Leave a comment below and check out my other blog posts!





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