Running Shoes

If the shoe fits

That’s actually the problem I’ve been having. After researching online, I decided to go back to my roots and buy the Brooks Adrenline GTS 16 to give them a try.

I was sadly disappointed.

GTS 16

These are really great for women who pronate as they do provide an equal balance of support and cushion. Plus the toe box is much wider than that of the Adrenline GTS 15’s. It was rumored that Brook’s had gone back to the fit of the Adrenline GTS 14’s that we ALL loved!

They were a bit longer than the 14’s or the 15’s, which is where I immediately had an issue, because my feet are wide, but they are short. I tried to fix this problem as recommended by my local running store by using an insole, but this did not seem to help.

After a few miles, the outside of my feet began to really hurt. Plus my foot just slid around way too much, so I knew this was not going to work, regardless how much I wanted them to.

Back to the running store I go. I spoke to a nice lady who HIGHLY recommended that I try these specialty shoes. They were the Adidas Ultra Boost and oh how soft they were! I was in LOVE with the fit and feel of these shoes. Finally, Mandy has found her perfect shoe!


Or so I thought.

I went out early that Saturday morning to go for a 3-4 mile run. It was perfect weather here in sunny Florida. I had a nice breeze going and temperature was around 64. I was so pumped to get in some much needed miles. I was ready to sparkle in my yellow sparkle running skirt.


Shortly after 2 miles, I get this severe pain in my left foot and thought it was just pains from being in the correct shoe, so I kept going. BIG MISTAKE! Please listen to your body. If something hurts, there is normally a reason and you need to stop to avoid injury.

After a few more miles I had to stop because my foot was hurting so badly that I was starting to limp. These shoes were overly supportive for me and were over-correcting my stride. I felt so defeated, that I actually had the thought cross my mind that I was done running.

Ok, that was a bit drastic of me in my moment of frustration because I am no quitter! So, what do I do? I head back to the running store, again! I walk in and tell the man behind the counter. I need the New Balance 850’s in size 7.

I made my exchange and continued on with my day.  How does the New Balance 850’s work?

Check out my blog next week to find out.





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