Life happens

I took a break from blogging this past week as it was end of the quarter for the vendor that I support at the company I work for, and honestly I had to sleep when I had the chance. This meant saying no to social media for the most part. It also meant putting my math homework aside as well.

I work full time at an IT Distribution Company, and go part time to college. Add in juggling my home life and things can get pretty interesting at times. I mean, my dog is pretty needy when she wants her belly rubbed.

One thing I know to be true is that life happens. It’s ok to say no when you just can’t. That is the beauty about being able to make your own choices for the good of you. It has taken me a VERY long time to understand this two letter word, N-O! After all, I am a people pleaser and often used to let people abuse that trait regardless of how tired, or worn out I was.

yes no


Learn to say No when you can’t. Don’t feel guilty about saying no. It will only hurt yourself in the end if you continue to say yes, when the answer should be no. I am not saying to tell your boss that you are not going to do any work Monday morning when you arrive. I can tell you that won’t go over well. There is a balance that only you can level out.

Remember, life happens and sometimes that means saying no!

Three Signs In Male Fists Saying No, No and No Isolated on a White Background.

“It is only by saying “no” that you can concentrate on thing things that are really important” – Steve Jobs


2 thoughts on “Life happens

  1. Did you get the book I sent you? Present Over Perfect is based off of this….so true. It spoke to me, and I just knew it would speak to you too!


    1. Yes, Thank you! It’s my next book to read after finals. I can’t wait to dive into it. I wanted to wait until after finals so I could really get a lot of it. I read a quick preview and I can’t wait to focus 100% on what this book is all about. Thank you so much for sending it!


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