Running Shoes

You make me feel like..

I’m walking on air.. Absolutely in the Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 Women’s Running Shoe. They literally weigh 2 pounds. One of the advertised features of the Hurricane ISO 2 is Saucony’s EVERRUN construction that brings an extra layer of cushioning closer to your feet.ISO 2


I tried these shoes for 30 days and ran a few 5k’s in them to see how my feet could adapt from switching from Brooks GTS models.

The shoe is super light weight and not bulky or “clunky” at all like other shoes I have tried.  These shoes I actually felt like I could jump to the moon.

The toe box was very narrow so I did have to special order a size wide so my toes did not feel squished. There was only two choices of color available in wide when I ordered. Not every girl wants to wear pink shoes so my only other color was the Blue/Silver/Citron ones. I wished more colors for wide were available.

These shoes are a stability shoe that helps with over-pronation issues, but the cushioning I felt was a bit overkill as it actually hurt my ankles just after a 3 mile run. I also felt that there was inadequate ventilation as my feet were more sweaty than any other shoe I had worn previously and it was in the 40’s that morning in Clearwater, Florida. How crazy was that temp for us!

The picture below is moments before I ran the 28th Annual Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic (Ignore the hot pink KT tape on my shins. I will discuss that another day)


I really wanted to love these lightweight, moon flying shoes. But after 30 days of wear, and this 5k, my ankles and toes just were not fitting the way I needed them to fit. I sadly returned these shoes a few days after this race as they were not right for me and my ankles really did start to hurt wearing this shoe.

My search continued for the perfect shoe for me. Stay tuned to my next post and shoe review! You have to find out how this shoe search journey ended for me 🙂


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